domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Purses completed by others that followed my instructions
Nan's Purse - She made it one row taller and the handle longer. Nan made this purse from magazine covers just for the practice until she saves enough chip wrappers.

Made by Annalena from Italy using Dysney's comics.

Made by Annalena from Italy using Dysney\ 

Made by Teresa

Another one by Nan

Made by Rachel

Rachel's purse is made out of wallpaper and added beads for texture

Items made by cousin Debbie

Purse Made by Jennifer

Purse Made by Jennifer
Jennifer works for Coca Cola bottling company and this was a company challenge to recycle

Made by Hayley using magazine pages

Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle Holder 
Wine Bottle Holder made by Katie out of magazine pages covered with tape. Visit her page by clicking on the picture.

Yvonne's purse

Yvonne Parkhill made this purse using newspaper and following my instructions.

Purse made by Johanne

Purse made by Johanne 

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