terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

Nahui Ollin Bags

At the fabulous Barneys/Sundance party for Rogan Gregory few days back, we GSpotted a fabulous fashionista from a far, carrying the most over the top- hott handbag. We went up to her, thinking it was and Ecoist bag, only to find out it was a Nahui Ollin.

"Nahui Ollin, what's that about?" was our question.

These outrageous bags are made from candy wrappers, gum wrappers and soda bottle labels that are factory rejects from independent manufactures and have never been used. When weaved together using a Mayan technique (for real) they transform would be litter into sleek, stylish, and durable fashion accessories.

Nahui Ollin was at the Go Green Expo this weekend here at the Hilton in midtown NYC, along with our buddies from Ride Amigosand over 200 other vendors. The Go Green Expo is a trade show featuring the latest eco-friendly products & services going down in LA and New York.

“It’s a wrap!”10.06.10

Seen at TIFF, Nahui Ollin’s purses satisfy on many different levels:
If you are a girl, they make you squeak with delight!
If you are an environmentalist, they make you squeak with delight!

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